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Experience is a multifaceted idea. It can be expressed as knowledge or adventure.
At 8 we explore both. We believe in the power of knowledge.
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8, a destination for experience, is located in the Center of Coral Estate, half an hour outside the heart of Willemstad, just the right amount of distance to escape the city.

Many remember the location as Habitat, a hotspot a couple years ago for the locals and tourist alike. 8, has used the structure of the original restaurant as the basis of their design, but carefully renovated it, keeping the spirit of it’s past, taking inspiration from it’s extraordinarily beautiful surroundings and adding a little character to bring new life.

It was two exciting years in the making and the results are a rich collaboration of creative talent at best. The business concept of 8 was founding and being run by Kimberly de Freitas, the architectural parts were designed by Henk Bolivar, and the interior has been added by Richard van Ginkel. This team has created a space that is both luxurious and relaxed – an elusive and enticing balance.



Creating an experience for the customer and employee

Experience is a multifaceted idea. It can be expressed as knowledge or adventure. At 8 we explore both. We believe in the power of knowledge. As a company, we assume the responsibility to recruit, train, and inspire our staff. We believe in following the journey of our team; supporting them along the way by providing a work environment that fosters growth, fed by reward. We believe learning never ends.
By empowering our team, they become participants in the customer experience. Our team is encouraged to inspire moments of happiness and optimism. The authenticity behind our touch cultivates customer loyalty.



Connecting art and business

At 8 we believe in the power of connecting art and business. By creating a synergy between these two dynamic forces we strive to unleash creative capabilities in a way that connects to our audience. We embrace diversity and personal development. We believe everyone is an artist, a creator, a refiner of stimuli.

We believe art must be done for the first time. We work from a blank canvas. By embracing this concept we become the standard. Our competition does not determine our starting point. It drives us to improve. We believe today was good and tomorrow we will be better.



Creating and becoming part of a community

At 8 we value community. We believe in creating a community within our building and becoming a part of the one around us. We recognize our responsibility as a good neighbor. Our goal is to achieve financial success so that we can contribute to the economic success of our community. We believe environmental and profit goals are mutually attainable.

We excel individually so that collectively we can accomplish more. We are corporate citizens. Social responsibility is our responsibility.