Skills, Qualifications & Behaviours
The Customer Happiness Specialist will live and breathe our cultural values: 


  • Importance of expertise
    You will be excellent at what you do and thirsty to learn more. You will complete the trainings we offer and be up to date with any new treatments on the menu and new products as they come out. You will be an expert at recommending home care and assisting clients in booking the best treatments to suit their needs.


  • Diversity of experience
    You will understand that the diversity of your background and the learning you undertake only improves you and your colleagues offering for our clients.


  • Meaningful participation in Community
    You will enjoy being active in our community, giving back locally as-well as being as an ambassador for AVEDA’s Environmental & Community work around the world.


  • Respecting the impact of touch
    Our business is touch and understanding the impact this has on our clients should be key to your reason for being at 8. Helping people, is who we are. It is imperative that we make sure guests experiences have the desired impact and meet the guest needs, as well as being understanding on how important these selfcare moments are.


  • Art as Business
    Understanding how to translate your art into numbers and grow your own income in symbiosis with the business. Tracking your numbers and increasing homecare and add-on recommendations for clients is a key part of your role and adds to the customer experience.


Key daily responsibilities

  • Opening the day (turn on coffee maker, make infused water, prepare tea, put out and clean cushions) Respond in a timely and accurate manner to all emails.
  • Answer calls professionally and in a timely manner and accurately book the appointments requested.
  • Ensure the schedule and rooms are efficiently organised for the day. Confirm appointments for the next day.
  • Check in clients, provide intake form, robe & key.
  • Close the day, count the cash with the Key holder & Print end of day report & file.
  • Ensure all food ordered from koraal are charged.
  • Know the products, and ensure you are able to properly recommend them. 
  • Plan and complete the Rituals, carry them out in a timely manner and at times agreeable to the clients with an emphasis on home care for the clients. Rituals connect day passes to future booking of other services and/or a product recommendation. 
  • Check shampoo and conditioner, body wash, toilet roll and vanity product levels, and all bathrooms.
  • Do the laundry (wash, dry, fold and put away) in a timely manner.
  • Keep ‘changing rooms’ and ‘experience rooms’ clean and stocked as required.
  • Make sure there are handtowels in the bathrooms at all times, refresh and wash them as you go.
  • Create packages for the clients and include the intake forms.
  • Take food orders and communicate them to Koraal on Whatsapp, follow up on orders if they have not arrived in 30mins.  
  • Keep bar area clean (Washup and wipe down surfaces, keep water and tea restocked).


Other Responsibilities


  • Continual Professional Development
    As part of your role it is very important to keep up to date professionally, this includes, refresher training, online training, quizzes and in person training. Complete all learning in a timely manner.


  • Stocktake
    You will ensure that the stock is kept up to date, working to ensure the stock is correct in the system and is being properly managed.  This includes accurately taking stock out of the system as the products are needed for professional use (rituals and for Therapists).


  • Timekeeping
    Must be in the spa setting up between 30 – 45 minutes before opening.


  • Consultations
    Making sure Consultations are taking place correctly and in a timely manner.  Assist the Therapists with language challenges.


  • Customer Service
    Ensure you give the best customer service possible. Predict what the clients needs will be. Problem solve and find solutions before small mistakes or issues become a complaint, be proactive. 


  • Treatment Schedule Management
    Ensuring the schedule is organised and bookings maximised. Ensuring any room changes are correctly reflected and updated in the system during the day. Paying special attention to repeat requests and therapist qualifications for services, ensuring therapists are not booked for treatments they do not do.
    Identify opportunities for upsells and add-ons in the book for the next day, ensure you are suggesting these upgrades when you confirm appointments for the next day.
    Managing guest expectations as soon as any issues/treatment delays may occur, ensuring guests do not have to come and ask what is happening.

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