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To the entrepreneurial-minded, go-getter, there is no I in team, sharing is caring kinda worker… we want you to help us change the world one curated experience at a time.

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8 Spa


functional massage performed with intention and customized with aroma


plant-based, results driven skin therapies to deliver balance and bring forth radiance

Body treatments

whole body therapies that pull from the elements for a holistic and energetic healing

8 Salon

Hands + feet

tlc for the hands and feet

Finishing touches

brows, dye, and hair removal


cuts, styling and color

Only available at Coral Estate


we are all rooted in connection with the natural world that surrounds us. At 8, wooden shutters and extra large windows perfectly frame the Caribbean Sea and allow our guest to take in the sensory experience our location provides. our approach to wellness places a heavy emphasis on the whole, and draws from the ancient healing arts of Ayurveda. our aim is for your experience to take you beyond the borders of 8 and into your everyday life through your wellness practices.