designed for those seeking a soothing, healing experience. recommended to calm the senses, pacify the skin and visibly brighten lackluster skin.

Refreshing massage

a massage designed to shift stagnant energy within. This site-specific therapy will focus on the scalp and feet to induce a sense of complete restoration. Cooling elements will be introduced for the ultimate refreshing finish.

ƒ 195

60 mins

ƒ 245

90 mins

Refreshing facial

a customized Aveda Tulasara Facial treatment targeted at treating normal to sensitive, and hyperpigmented skin. Through consultation your therapist will choose the appropriate aroma to move your skin towards balance and reveal its natural beauty. This treatment is complete with a soothing facial massage.

ƒ 180

60 mins

ƒ 235

90 mins

Refreshing journey

Incorporate all three treatments for the ultimate calming experience. Each treatment builds upon the previous to leave you in the ultimate state of chill.

ƒ 595

210 mins

Refreshing body treatment

Mineral-rich salts from the Dead Sea exfoliate to purify the skin enhanced by the antioxidant properties of meadowfoam oil. Skin is enveloped in a thin layer of kelp powder to cool and calm the skin and neem powder to eliminate toxins. Oat extract and aloe vera soothe the skin while conditioning. Warm oil massage of scalp and feet complete the experience.

ƒ 260

90 mins