Skills, Qualifications & Behaviours
Our Therapists will live and Breathe our Cultural values:


  • Importance of expertise
    You will be excellent at what you do, certified in any treatments you carry out and thirsty to learn more. You will complete the trainings we offer and be up to date with new treatments on the menu and new products as they come out. You will be an expert at recommending home care and assisting clients in booking the add-ons and upgrading their services from our menu, to those best suited to their needs.


  • Diversity of experience
    You will understand that diversity of your background and the learning you partake in improves you and your colleagues offering to our clients. This means you will be excited to be involved in all training opportunities, whether they be Product, Customer service, treatment, or something else.


  • Meaningful participation in Community
    You will enjoy being active in our community giving back locally as-well as being as an ambassador for AVEDA’s Environmental & Community work around the world.


  • Respecting the impact of touch
    Our business is touch and understanding the impact this has on our clients should be key to your reason for being at 8. Helping people, is who we are. It is imperative that we make sure guests experiences have the desired impact and meet the guest needs, as well as being understanding on how important these selfcare moments are.


  • Art as Business
    What we do is Art and we want to be the best at what we do, we ask all team members to complete their trackers and work on elevating their offering to clients. This allows you to see the financial and business results of your art in action and elevate your own pay and the success of the business.


Key daily responsibilities

  • Check your day the day prior
  • Set up for the day at least 15 minutes before we open
  • Do a thorough consultation
  • Complete the sensory journey
  • Carry out all treatments you are booked for, on time and to an excellent standard
  • Track your numbers and actively work towards achieving those required for your role in the following areas: Retail, Add-ons/upsells, Rebooking, Client count
  • You should know the protocols for the treatments in their entirety
  • You should have excellent knowledge of the products
  • You should have a thorough knowledge of the menu and what we offer at 8
  • Complete all training in a timely manner
  • Assist Front desk with laundry
  • Set up the room you will be using before treatments
  • Ensure you clean your room after use
  • Dram out your products and weigh them with the Vish scales
  • Ensure any products you take out of the stock/backbar are removed from the system at the front desk
  • Tools for facials, hot stones, etc clean and stored in the proper area
  • Ensure the consultation table & the Chakra table has a complete set of oils available for the guests

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