Femi on sustainability, beauty between farm life, and defining wellness through food

As a farmer, what is does your relationship with food look like?

Sometimes complicated and sometimes like any organic-foodies dream. Truthfully, I dislike going to the upermarket, because I do it for the restaurant all the time, so for our “days off” I don’t want to go grocery shopping again hence we end up having an empty kitchen and I find myself fighting with convenience (limited take-out options) and quick fixes. Other days I’ll just walk into the farm and take the time to actually cook a meal with all our own home-grown items.

What are some of the changes you have made in your lifestyle bringing you closer to sustainability?

The purchase choices I make (product wise) in the grocery store. Check where it is imported from and see if it is in season. Also, around the house; making my own cleaning products and switching to plastic-free or re-fillable beauty products and such.

What are some self-care practices you use?

I do yoga, I make time for dates with friends, I make sure to do creative things (painting, creating and such) .

How much of your farm life is intervened into your wellness routine?

After a long/stressful day taking a walk around the farm or spending time with the farm animals is great and relaxing. On the other hand, when actual farm work is being done, I make sure to protect myself from the sun (sunblock and cap) and drink enough water.

Saying no - do it daily, or can’t remember the last time you’ve said it?

In personal life; do it daily, for business, find it hard. I always want to please people and take any opportunity I can get. It is (from the beginning) a learning streak.

What does your beauty routine look like?

*after washing my face and applying Aveda Tulasara Renew Morning Cream; it will depend on the day ahead of me what I will do next: when working on the farm I only use sunblock (sometimes tinted). When working in the restaurant I wear concealer and fill my brows sometimes more. When going out, I also use a light powder and blush & highlighter. End of the day I use my re-usable cotton rounds with a natural face wash. And switch between oils/serums depending on my mood, day and or skin. *

What are your thoughts about Instagram as a platform, do you think it’s moving you towards a better more sustainable you or farther away?

I think it is a great and powerful tool to connect to communities and likeminded people. I choose to share what I stand for and what I think others can get inspired from. Lately I have been getting much inspiration on going towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

What are some your wellness goals for the next two years?

Practice yoga even more regularly (4x a week), treat myself more often to a massage, and have complete financial wellness.